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The journey begins

So far I have lost 6lbs! I know it doesn't seem like much and I will admit that I haven't been taking this as seriously as I intended to but I'm happy. From the start I didn't want to call this a diet or have it been overly restrictive, I just wanted to try to culture healthier habits. Progress is slow because I have a lifetime of bad habits to break first but clearly I'm doing something right! I already feel a little more energetic which is brilliant, running after a toddler isn't so hard now and I'm apparently starting to snore less so wifey is happy too!
My next steps are going to be introducing more exercise into my routine, I already walk a lot as I don't drive, but more structured exercise. Also starting to cook a lot more as I've become lazy in that department! I love to cook meals from scratch but don't do it often enough. I will be posting some of my favourite recipes here in the future. Please comment if you have anything to say, I…

A belated Happy New Year!

Sorry for being a little absent... it wasn't how I planned to start the new year but as things have gone I just haven't had the time (or will) to post as much as I wanted. This year is becoming more and more hectic by the day!
I have a lot that I want to achieve this year, not resolutions as such, but goals.
Working on my mental health is a big one, getting to a place where I'm functioning as I feel I should be. I'm not there at the moment and haven't been for a while and it's taken me a long time to admit it actually.
Working on my physical health is one that I've mentioned in previous posts and it will be a big focus of mine this year. Hoping to be able to post an update about that soon! Working on my career. I am sad to say that at 31, I currently don't have a career. I have been a parent since I was 19 and kinda never got around to it. This year I'm determined to change that. I am going to refresh my qualifications and I am going to work towa…