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Sweet Dreams... Maybe?

On my list of things in my life to improve upon, I added sleeping well and waking up refreshed. Now I'm left thinking how the hell am I going to achieve it!? I think most people wish they had more time to sleep and that they could wake up raring to go, but what things can you do to make that goal a reality? Here's what I have so far... I know I spend far too much time on tech before I go to sleep. It's a fact that using tech in your chill time affects the quality of your sleep, but what do you do to fill that void? Its hard when you share a bed. I can't just put on relaxing music if my other half doesn't want to listen to it and I can't wear headphones because I fall asleep too quickly and will end up strangling myself! Reading kinda feels ignorant, but then I guess playing Xbox is too... Should I resort to herbal supplements and see if they work? Has anyone tried them? I'm on other medication, I don't know if an extra pill is that great an idea. Exercise makes me feel more awake, as does sex so they're clearly not helping. It's going to be a long process of trying things and deciding if they help or not. I will get back to you when I find something that helps though. In case anyone is wondering, the pic is one of my fur babies, Cali, doing what she does best! Why oh why can't I sleep like a cat? Sorry if this post was a bit of a ramble, I don't know about you, but I tend to work things out more easily if I write it down and it helps me stick to goals if I share them with people so I imagine there will be a few more posts like this one over the next little while... Feel free to put any sleeping/relaxation tips in the comments or just share your thoughts!

Jo xx


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