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New Facial Regime - La Roche-Posay

Hey everyone! Hope you are well. Today I'm going to be doing a review of my new skincare routine. I have been having problems with my skin for quite a while now, I've had a lot of breakouts in the chin and temple areas and dryness across the cheeks so it has been really difficult to find products that can cope with both extremes. I also have very sensitive and very pale skin which means that any redness or irritation shows up like a neon sign! I have recently noticed that some of the brands that I have previously loved are no longer tolerated so it's been a mission to find something that works, but finally I have found something that is ticking my many boxes! The brand is La Roche-Posay and the line that I am using is Effaclar. It is listed for oily/sensitive skin and so it seemed perfect for me. The first product I tried was the purifying foaming gel. I love it! You only need to use an amount the size of a 5p and it foams enough to clean the face and neck, at £11 for a 2…

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